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#KlebClub is back in May 2022 for another series of incredible talks. Kicking off next week (10th May, 10:00am EST) will be Sylvain Brisse, Head of the Biodiversity and Epidemiology of Bacterial Pathogens Laboratory in the Department of Global Health at Institut Pasteur.

The title of Sylvain’s talk will be “The systematics of Klebsiella, from species to emerging strains – latest news on species complexes, emerging sublineages and how to barcode and identify them using cgLIN codes”.

Seminar Dates (all seminars from 10-11am EST with the exception of 5/31)

Tuesday, May 10th
Tuesday, May 17th
Tuesday, May 24th
Tuesday, May 31st: 8pm EST/10am AEDT
Monday, June 6th (poster + networking session)

Please contact the organizers if you have any questions:
Caitlyn Holmes: [email protected]
Olaya Rendueles Garcia: [email protected]
Yi Han Tan: [email protected]

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